CURRENT PRICE = $3.49/lb(for half or whole cows) + Slaughter Costs

as of Nov. 29, 2015

Quantities are sold in 1/4, 1/2 and whole cow amounts.

  • Quarter = $3.69/lb. hanging weight plus slaughter costs
  • Half = $3.49/lb. hanging weight plus slaughter costs
  • Whole = $3.49/lb. hanging weight plus slaughter costs

Estimated Hanging weights run around:

  • 600 lbs for a whole cow
  • 330 lbs for 1/2 a cow
  • 150 lbs for 1/4 cow.


Detailed Description of the Purchasing Process and Explanation of Costs Below:

bulletSTEP 1:  First decide if you want a quarter,  half or a whole animal. (Note: If you only want a quarter, then please try to find someone to split the half with you, however; we usually match up other quarter buyers if this is the case)

STEP 2:  Contact us first (email or call: 919-542-8401) then make your payment. We require an estimated half payment up front.   The remainder is due at the time of delivery.    How Much Is Half?

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bulletSTEP 3:  Plan ahead.  Make sure you have enough freezer space for when the delivery date arrives.  A half of a cow can easily take up most if not all of a 15 cu. ft. chest freezer.
  • Whole cow roughly 375 lbs of beef in the package.
  • Half a cow roughly 180 lbs of beef in the package.
  • Quarter cow roughly 90 lbs of beef in the package.
bullet STEP 4:  Call Key Packing and place your packaging order.  After we take the cattle into the packing plant, we will either call you ahead of time or shortly after and notify you that its time to place your order.  Use the Beef Form for beef orders as a guide when placing your packaging order.  Usually, Mrs. Key works the phone and is extremely helpful and patient when taking your order.  If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask her.

STEP 5: Pick up your beef at Key Packing after you make your final payment .

(final payment includes the oustanding balance and the cost of the slaughter.)

We now ask that you pick up your beef directly from Key Packing.

They are located at:

596 Maness Rd
Robbins, NC 27325

Final Payment is Required Prior to Picking Up your Beef from Key Packing.


Again, sorry but we do not ship beef.

bullet STEP 6: Enjoy your home grown beef for many months to come.

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