How To Estimate The Cost of the Meat

beef is used in this example

EXAMPLE:  You are purchasing 1/2 a cow





  What is Grandview Farms saying the hanging weight cost will be?  

In this example, hanging weight cost will be $3.49/lb.

How much does it weigh? In this example, say the animal weighs 900lbs total on the hoof., Then after the animal is slaughtered it is hung in a cooler to dry age.  This hanging weight is in this example, 600lbs.
The Cost.


$3.49 x 600 lbs. = $2,094 for the entire animal.

However, in this example, you are only getting 1/2 an animal, so your cost then becomes:

$2,094 divided by 2 = $1047


Slaughter Costs Costs for slaughtering is charged by Key Packing, which we pay when picking up the meat, so we usually don't know this amount until the day we pick up the meat.  However, slaughter costs run around $175 per half of an animal, which is entirely dependent upon how tricky you have your slaughter customized.  

$1047 + $175 = $1222

What is the estimated up front payment?

(we ask for an estimated half prepayment)


$1222 divided by 2 = $611 your estimated down payment for 1/2 a cow

(This amount would be doubled for a whole cow)