How to Order Your Meat


The beef is our own grass fed commercial Black Angus stock. We also sell them by the quarter, half or whole animal (note: Key will quarter any animal, pork too, for an additional charge.)

Beef can run between $6.59/lb. to  $7.25/lb. in the package for everything when ordering a whole animal (this amount can vary depending on how much fat is in the meat, which actually improves the tenderness, but also increases costs)  A leaner animal would cost less.  We don't know this fat ration until after the animal is slaughtered.  

We charge by the hanging weight plus the slaughter costs. The hanging weight is what is left after slaughter, and is what is hung in the packing plants cooler for 2 weeks in order for the meat to dry age (this is what really makes it tender).  Its to your advantage to order a larger amount, due to slaughter costs and the availability of various cuts of meat being greater when ordering a half or whole animal.

All meat is flash frozen and wrapped in vacuum sealed bags that are all labeled.

Note: All meat is guaranteed. If you are not satisfied, we will buy it back from you.

We will deliver the meat straight from the packing plant to predetermined meeting point for all parties receiving meat that day.

Call us anytime at (919)542-8401, at Grandview Farms and place your beef order today.